Awning, Fascia & Panel

Install to a wall or free standing where you need them.

Panel signs can be produced in a wide range materials for indoor or outdoor use.
Simply install on a wall or custom make a frame for a custom installation.
Add depth by folding a panel over a frame.
Print directly onto a panel or apply a high quality vinyl to the surface. Go a step further and add 3D acrylic or metal letters and shapes.

Panel Signs for parks, gardens and recreational spaces.

Panel signs are popular for public spaces including parks, gardens and other shared recreational spaces. We also create features for foyers, receptions and feature walls.

Please call us on (03) 9417 6000 or contact us online to discuss personalising a panel sign to your needs.

Our suite of visual solutions does not stop there. We also provide indoor and outdoor LED screensfeature lighting and urban art installations.

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