Retail signs distinguish your brand and invite, encourage and entice investigation of what you are offering.

Many uniquely creative and artistic retail signs are available. Major Graphics offer many forms of retail signage to meet branding and promotional needs, including LED illuminated slimline edgelit and backlit fabric face light box displays, custom manufactured LED light boxes which can include intra cut 3D logo and letters, 3D illuminated signs, ultra-bright neon signs, digitally printed window / wall / floor graphics and wallpapers, LED screens, concealed or exposed feature lighting to name a few.

Enhance the retail experience for your customers.

Great retail signage ends up paying for itself many times over. Impress your customers.Make your retail signs interesting- use color and contrast, introduce 3 Dimensional letters or shapes but avoid clutter and anything that could distract from your sign. Use minimal words and choose font style, size and color carefully. Some signs are almost illegible simply because the font is difficult to read or is the wrong size and color to stand apart from the rest of the sign.

When considering illuminated signage, arguably the most important aspect to consider is sign brightness. Brighter is better for attracting attention to your business or promoting your corporate identity and brand. Major Graphics are illumination and feature light specialists.

We have the in-house capability to meet all of your signage needs. Please call us on (03) 9417 6000 or contact us online to discuss your needs.

Our suite of visual solutions does not stop there. We also provide indoor and outdoor LED screenswindow films and wall graphicsfeature lighting and urban art installations.

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