Decorative & Architectural Resin Panels

Decorative & Architectural Resin Panels

If you are after a professional, inspiring and really different look why not consider Decorative panels made from acrylic resin or PTEG.

Decorative resin panels are suitable for a wide range of creative applications. Create a design, capture light, colour, pattern & texture. Create bench tops, office partitions, walls, ceilings, flooring, advertising boards, and use for doors, signage and feature displays and mount using standard architectural hardware

Decorative architectural panels are available in Gloss shiny smooth surfaces which allow a high percentage of light to be reflected, Matte smooth surfaces with reduced reflection and Satin (sandstone) finishes to complement any environment.

Decorative resin panels are available in thickness ranging from 1.5mm to 25mm in portrait and landscape configuration with sheet sizes nominally 1220mm x 2440mm.
Choose Decorative resin panels for optical clarity that won’t crack or yellow over time. Choose from a huge range of colours and textures and be inspired by the nature series.

PETG Decorative sheet delivers the edge in construction and performance. PTEG has Class “B1/A” fire rating and is 40 times stronger and half the weight of glass. PTEG delivers high impact strength and provides many of the advantages of polycarbonate but without the high cost.

For advice on Decorative and architectural resin, acrylic or PETG panels feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss your designs and mounting solutions for your project.

Features of Decorative Resin Architectural Panels

Eco friendly
High light transmission & clarity
Flame proof (B1/A standard)
Corrosion resistant
Structural integrity: Thick & stable for engineered load bearing applications
High rigidity & impact resistant
Light weight
Easy to clean

Privacy, décor, way finding signage – improve your environment!

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Do you have any other signage needs? We also provide indoor and outdoor LED screensfeature lighting and urban art installations.

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