Here are some key things to keep in mind when starting your search
for the right signage for you and your organisation:

Where do I start?

Start by calling Major Graphics. We have a vast wealth of knowledge & experience in all forms of signage We will discuss your needs and expectations. We can help with artwork design if necessary, explain, illustrate, demonstrate product alternatives and provide preliminary layout concepts to help visualise your project. Progressing beyond this we provide detailed specifications with our quotation and final design layouts for approval.


Finally, the after-sale support is very important. At Major Graphics, we pride ourselves on the quality of our ongoing support. For more information, see our Capabilities section.

What general advise do you give me?

The purpose of signage is to increase public awareness. Consider your audience and the viewing environment. Who will be reading it, from what distance and angle and at what time, day or night or both?


Make your signage interesting- use colour and contrast, introduce 3 Dimensional letters or shapes but avoid clutter and anything that could distract from your sign. Use minimal words and choose font style, size and colour carefully. Some signs are almost illegible simply because the font is difficult to read or is the wrong size and colour to stand apart from the rest of the sign.


When considering illuminated signage, arguably the most important aspect to consider is sign brightness. Brighter is better for attracting attention to your business or promoting your corporate identity and brand. Major Graphics are illumination and feature light specialists


Finally, test your ideas, let others review what you propose, do a mock up and have your designer do a montage or design layout.

What is good signage?

Choose the correct location, size, shape, colour and design for your sign. It should complement the architectural environment.


Built for purpose, indoor or outdoor, permanent or temporary, durability and serviceability are key considerations. Design and manufacturing choices and material selections will vary with purpose.


A sign that reflects the nature, feel and professionalism of your business.


A sign that conveys clear and concise messages. Is your intended purpose to advertise, inform, direct or identify? Keep message brief, accurate and comprehensible.


If illumination is required arguably brightness is the most important aspect to consider. Brightness should complement your purpose. Different colour temperature lighting is available with backlit and edgelit options. Talk with Major Graphics to discuss your choices. However, be aware, some colour schemes will not match well with certain types of illumination, so careful planning is necessary.

I currently have my own builder/architect/contractor working for me, can you work with them on my project?

Yes we can. We’re signage professionals of many years experience and have worked on many complex projects where we’re not managing the project. We’re happy to work collaboratively within your team. Our signage specialists have the tact, people skills, experience and technical nous to deliver our portion of your project on time and within budget.

Why could your quote be higher than another quote I may have received?

Costs to produce poor or ineffective signs are often the same as producing great signs. The difference can often start by not seeking advice from experienced sign professionals

As specialists in the industry with years of experience under our belts, we understand that the old adage is true: you get what you pay for.

We’re happy to say we’re not the cheapest in the industry. That’s not our aim. But we are amongst the best. This means on time deliveries and we take careful consideration of your Initial design, material selections, thickness and finishes, construction techniques and quality components because all these considerations have an influence on the quality and price of signage.

Another thing to note is that seemingly equivalent quotes can be deceiving. Manufacturers influence design and choose how to manufacture and what materials and finishes to use. Our unwavering commitment to quality choices in design, material and manufacturing process is what makes our business so popular. When comparing quotes, make time to investigate how equivalent they really are.

Which feature lighting am I supposed to choose? LED, cold cathode, neon. – HELP!

Give us an obligation-free call. Contact Us. We’re always happy to discuss you’re feature lighting choices and specifications.

What do you mean by “in-house”? Why is in-house a good thing?

By having all of our design, manufacturing, installation and service processes under the one roof we maintain high quality.

Our in-house approach ensures open lines of communication: the manufacturing team knows exactly what can be feasibly constructed and installed, and the design gurus are able to bring their creative ideas directly to the source.

We expect to be accountable and accept responsibility for the projects we undertake. We integrate all facets from design work through final completion across all of our different mediums.

Most importantly, we can deliver robust visual solutions that perfectly represent the ‘feel’ and ‘character’ of a business, space or path. By being in-house, we deliver results.

Are you professionally certified?

Yes we are – and proud of it too! Major Graphics Pty Ltd are Registered Electrical Contractors No. 25188 and Registered Building Practitioners No. CB-U 6475.

If you would like to know more about our health and safety policy, visit our Capabilities section.

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