Booran Reserve

State of the art public space

Booran Reserve is the City of Glen Eira’s new open space for everyone. Incorporating universal design principles during the design phase, the reserve ensures access for all ages and abilities. Council’s design team was assisted by experts from Sport and Recreation Victoria.

Colourful and gently sloped pathways, allow intuitive movement and assist those with limited vision and mobility. A range of seating harnesses on the five-way swing and double flying fox, provide an immersive and shared experience.

Softfall rubber pathways connect a range of play equipment, including Dutch disc spinner, birds nest swing and in-ground trampolines.

Smaller accessible paths weave and explore through shrubs, plantings and running water. The raised sandpit provides wheelchair access, and allows use of water spiral and mini sluice gate.

The play space areas provide stimulating and challenging environments for all ages and abilities, and include water elements, climbing ropes, a double flying fox and swings. A water play area reflects the former use of the site.

There are active sports areas as well as passive spots for relaxation, picnic shelters and barbeque facilities — offering a range of opportunities for the whole community.

Major Graphics were awarded the job of manufacturing and installing a range of features including:

– Wayfinding signage, including entrance signs, feature signs and park identification signs.

– Art panels displaying the history of the site and water supply to greater Melbourne and the part Booran Reserve (formerly Caulfield Reservoir) played in that history. The panels are lit with specially designed lighting.

– Light features including pathway and entrance light totems, illuminated seat panels and a Reserve entrance feature.

The Reserve was designed by John Patrick Landscape Architects PL. Signage, Art panels, light totem concept, seat lighting and other graphics were designed by Art Director/Designer, Ian Dalton who worked in close association with Major Graphics. Many specialists were employed by Council to bring this spectacular Reserve project to fruition.

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