LED Screens & Displays

Take your business to the next level with large LED screen signage.

Over the last decade large LED screens have become the premium form of signage to connect with customers. You’ll find LED screens in shopping centres, sporting arenas and public spaces because the technology is efficient, the visuals are vivid and the communication is unbeatable. A large LED screen is very hard to ignore!

If you want to take your signage to the next level, big LED screens and displays are the answer. They are eye-catching, durable and a great option for your business. You’ll also be able to change messaging at a moment’s notice – making LED signage highly adaptable and flexible.

What is an LED Screen?

These are modular cabinets designed to be stacked in each direction to create custom sizes without frames or visible joins between each cabinet.

How are LED Screens Controlled?

LED screens can be set up as a ‘Non Synchronous’ control system where a file is uploaded to the screen by plugging in a USB or sending a file from a connected computer. The screen plays the looped file continuously whilst it is powered up.


A ‘Synchronous’ control system where the screen is playing whatever is being played on the computer screen. This can also run through a Video processor so that different input signals can be chosen such as TV or Cameras etc…) A remote control system can also be used.

How effective are LED screens during daylight hours?

The short answer is very effective. For sites where direct sunlight is a fact add a brightness sensor to automatically increase brightness during daylight & full sun conditions. Visit our display in Melbourne to see firsthand the stunning brightness and clarity possible with LED screens.

Need more information about LED Screens?

Indoor or outdoor LED Screens are great for displaying Video Loops or advertising image Loops…..very eye catching with the ability to change regularly.

LED screens support multiple formats. Choose text, graphic, picture, animation and video inputs or choose multiple formats to truly create dynamic advertising that customers notice. Cost effectively refresh your advertising message and instore atmosphere from your own computer or simply plug and play.

LED screens offer wide viewing angles in front of screens, horizontally and vertically to guarantee viewers see your advertising or messages.

There are many different resolutions (Pixel Pitch) & of course the better the resolution, the greater the cost!

The Pixel pitch vs cost is normally assessed in relation to the viewing distance on site.

What’s possible are screens of any size without “black” seams. Custom design a screen where individual cabinets work together or separately to create your special advertising space.

Where needed Major Graphics work with architects, designers, engineers and shopfitters to provide the structural fabrication, installation and after sales support.

LED screens future-proof your signage solution.

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