Light Box

Custom manufactured light boxes for commercial & retail environments.

Light boxes can be manufactured in many styles. Slimline edge lit and back lit for retail with acrylic or fabric faces.

Shopping centre and shopping strip styles include under awning, double sided, wall mounted or projecting light boxes with opal acrylic, polycarbonate or flexface faces.

Illuminate your brand or message with digitally printed or computer cut translucent vinyl and fabrics.

Light up with LED, Neon or Fluorescent Light boxes.

The light boxes we create are custom manufactured to your requirements. Brightness is arguably the most important aspect to consider. Brightness should complement your purpose. Whether you need subtle or bright light box illumination talk to us to discuss your choices. We not only manufacture, we install and service Light boxes as well.

If you would like more information on light boxes please call us on (03) 9417 6000 or contact us online to discuss your needs.

Our suite of visual solutions does not stop there. We also provide indoor and outdoor LED screenswindow films and wall graphicsfeature lighting and urban art installations.

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