For 30 years Major Graphics have manufactured Neon Signs. We were one of the first companies to make neon signs affordable by offering to sell rather than lease neon signs and illuminated light boxes. 30 years on we are still making custom neon signs. Our factory in Fairfield has a dedicated room for glass bending. Buy direct from the factory; call us for an appointment to see neon signs being made or to discuss your uniquely individual custom neon signs project.


Sometimes you want to really turn heads. Neon signs will achieve maximum impact. Stand out from the crowd, get noticed, draw attention and increase traffic to your business by creating a striking brand image, visible 24 hours a day. Neon signs are bright and attractive, are reliable and long lasting, cost effective and maintain their colour and brightness. Neon signs grab attention, and always will. Call Major Graphics Phone (03) 9417 6000  to discuss your custom neon signs project.

Neon signs have a charm making them popular even in the era of LED lights. Attract attention to your business or create a unique decoration or art piece.

Neon signs and neon art pieces have a colourful history, are highly versatile in application and will last for years. Help your business standout or create the character and atmosphere for your special place with custom neon signs.


Neon signs are not just for business. Unique shapes, artistic creations, illuminated art pieces are all possible.

Neon signs are highly versatile in application and come in a huge range of vibrant colours. Choose single, double or triple tube styles, font, script type, shape and colour for your custom neon signs project. Whatever you choose Major Graphics have the knowhow and are expert manufacturers of neon signs.

View our gallery for neon signs. Download the custom neon signs colour chart.

Neon Signs Installation & Service Installation:

Neon Signs can be installed almost anywhere: inside or outside. Install directly onto a wall, mount to a freestanding structure or suspended on a secure frame. Neon signs can be tailored to your space or site. We’ve got a neon signs solution to suite almost any application.
Neon signs Melbourne Service

Correctly manufactured neon signs will last for years but if eventually you experience trouble or accidentally damage your neon Major Graphics can help.

Our technical staff can access, report and recommend corrective action. Call us now to discuss your needs on (03) 9417 6000

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