Neon & Cold Cathode

Neon Signs and Feature Lights

Sometimes you want to really turn heads. Neon signs will achieve maximum impact. Stand out from the crowd by creating a striking brand image which is visible 24 hours a day. Neon is bright and attractive, it is reliable and long lasting, cost effective and maintains its colour and brightness. Choose from over 50 colours and let Major Graphics create your neon sign to your custom neon sign requirements. Neon signs grab attention, and always will.

Major Graphics are the Neon Signs experts.

Speak to us about architectural and design options utilising:

Neon Sign and Feature Lighting
LED Feature Lighting
Aluminium LED Light Housings
Cold Cathode Lighting

Like our signage, all of our design and manufacturing process is done in-house in Melbourne adhering to strict quality controls.

Seen the light?

At Major Graphics, we’re always happy to have an obligation free chat about what you may need for signage and feature lighting. We may even suggest a visual solution that you hadn’t contemplated. Cold Cathode tube lighting and Neon signs are made at our premises in Fairfield. Come along and see the array of colours and shapes and let us assist you in a designed feature lighting or illuminated neon or LED solution.

Call us on (03) 9417 6000 or contact us online to talk neon, LED and cold cathode feature lighting.

Our suite of visual solutions does not stop there. We also provide indoor and outdoor LED screenswindow films and wall graphicsfeature lighting and urban art installations.

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